Vegan food at Cafe Green, Washington DC

Cafe Green is a 100% organic, vegan restaurant near Dupont Circle. They have quite a bit of raw food too (smoothies, dehydrated foods…). Had mung bean pancakes, and a salad.

The pancakes are (gluten-free) flourless from mung beans and vegetables. The dijon mustard dressing brings a nice sweetness and spiciness. The whole conbributed a satisfying flavor.

The salad was composed of baby spinach, broccoli, red pepper, raw sesame, raw chia, and curry dressing. The dressing had a cashew/cauliflower base. I found the dish to be a good, nutrient dense, fibrous salad. Broccoli gave good substance. And, the curry brought good spice and was good for the body (tumermeric is healthful). I enjoyed this meal very much.



Cafe Green
1513 17th Street Northwest
Washington‎ DC‎ 20036
[also check out the Cafe called Java Green– see link above]

One comment on “Vegan food at Cafe Green, Washington DC

  1. ~Hermelynda~ says:

    Ooooo this looks sooo lovely!

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