Tiny Empire is still the best juice bar in BKLN ever.

Williamsburg in Brooklyn NY, is home to a world-class juice bar: Tiny Empire. No one can contest the quality of raw, organic, meticulously-sourced superfood products of the best origin. Tiny Empire is the real deal. Their smoothies are amazing. They have original juice recipes – and they are leading-edge when it comes to quality of both product and service. The service is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Check out some of their products. Turmeric tonic & raw brownie (made with avocado!):   


The vibe in this shop is so cool- so Brooklyn, so Williamsburg. Everything about the service experience reeks of AUTHENTICITY & PREMIUM, HIGH-END DESIGN.   


Tiny Empire qualifies as one of the best juice bars in New York City- if not one of the best juice bars in the entire USA. You must visit Tiny Empire when you are in NYC.

Nitro and Expensive Coffee at Stumptown, NYC

 Stumptown Roasters in NYC is the anchor retail tenant for Ace Hotel in Midtown.  

The have some pretty damn good coffee and really cool latte art too.

What I love most is cold brew coffee – and Stumptown is pioneering a new technique called “Nitro”.

Nitro is coffee infused with nitrogen- like a Guiness beer- so that it has a head. See photo:

The coffeeshop itself is really cool- and so is the hotel it’s located in. 

  The coffee is really good- and they have the whole selection of roasted beans for sale (including a really expensive one; $37 for 12oz- check out that packaging!):

A+ coffeeshop. Highly recommended.



Start It Off With A Big Bang!

I enter “The Juice Shop” on 6th Ave around 1:30pm on a Tuesday. There’s a crowd of about twenty people waiting for what looks like “healthy” lunch bowls (of grains, greens, protein and sauce) and there are three big fridges full of cold pressed juice and one of prepackaged salads.

After looking through the green juices and not finding a fresh one (that was pressed today), I settle on a “Big Bang”. This juice has both greens in it (Kale, Spinach, Parley, Romaine, Celery) and other ingredients (Apple, Lemon, Carrot, Beet, Cayenne & Ginger).  

It’s spicy! And good. At $9 this is one of the most expensive juices here (most are $7 or $8)- and keep in mind, these juices are not even organic!

Delicious! What a great way to begin my tour of juice bars in NYC: with a Big Bang!   


The Squeeze NYC

The Squeeze from NYC sent me a whole bunch of awesome products- including green juice and raw food granola delivered to my door in Washington DC.

The Squeeze is a REALLY REAL juice bar- no processing, no hpp, 100% raw.



The names of their product are so cute! (“The Jeans I Wore In High School”)

I loved the cheesy Nacho Kale Almonds, and of course – the Green Juice!

The Squeeze delivers. Their quality is great and their prices are good. 

Check out The Squeeze now: http://thesqueezejuice.com/shop/main-squeeze/

($60 for a green juice cleanse is a good deal!)

Amazing! Raw #Vegan Coconut Jerky from @cocoburgfoods

CocoBurg started in Brooklyn, NY through the successful launch of a Kickstarter project (which received 34% more money than its funding goal).
CocoBurg is the first (raw, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free – minimally processed) coconut jerky. The jerky is now even selling on Amazon.com (and Prime members get free 2-day shipping– so try this new, better kind of jerky ASAP!).

I had the opportunity to try CocoBurg, and here is my review: We have a winner!
IMG_0874CocoBurg is sweet and juicy, and tangy and delicious. It’s slightly addictive (in a good way!)- and it’s definitely a snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Not only is it cruely-free, it is also actually GOOD FOR YOU! Who would have guessed? A snack that tastes great, makes you feel good – and has the best interests of the planet and our environment in mind. Can’t beat that!

Get yourself a bag of CocoBurg now! And dive it:

(Buy CocoBurg jerky on Amazon.com)

Best Protein Powder On The Market #Vegan

Great new shipment of Vega One Nutritional Shake arrived from Amazon.com
This company really makes an effort to ensure they are continuing to put out the highest quality products. Vega really cares about YOUR health.
The usual suspects: I set up for a green smoothie. (Spinach, Almond Milk, and Vega Nutritional Shake).
Two scoops of Vega One.
A whole lot of spinach, followed by organic almond milk.
In your Vitamix, mix on low. Then, blend on high.

#greenjuice in #washingtondc – #organic #vegan #juice

I am now making GREEN JUICE for my community. Email me at benblue@gmail.com if you would like for me to make juice for you.
IMG_1118Made-To-Order Green Juice.
Pick up near Thomas Circle.

*How it works: Pay in advance; I will make you green juice to order.

*Recipe: Cucumber, green apple, kale.
100% ORGANIC, cold-pressed, raw.

Bottled in 32oz swing-top glass bottle. (Yours to keep, or return bottle for $5 credit off next juice).

$20 (for 32oz).
Email me if interested.

Trader joes green juice is good-to-go!

Did you know? Trader Joes has an amazing little green juice for only $4.99. The juice is cold pressed, too for high nutrient extraction.
It’s great fuel for on-the-go. There are three flavor – red , orange, and green – but I’ve only tried the green because I like kale.
Try one out and write me back to tell me what you think.